all to myself

So everyone is gone, and I have the place to myself. What to do, what to do? Well, web browse for starters, and get caught up on all the fights in journal land. Heck I’m not even gonna comment, except to say most Canadians are nice. I also went looking for costume ideas for the […]

no title

I spent the morning working on more kitchen cabintes. I discovered more hardware missing, and a drawer back I can’t find. But I got a whole drawer unit together and placed in its proper spot. We move one peice of counter top onto the big unit that had the table top on it, and a […]


Well, I got up and Wendy was on my mind. Its been a long time since we spent any time together since she had the nerve to get a job and all. I’m missing those Friday afternoon visits at her house. The kids would all play, or fight, inside, outside – whatever. Wendy and I […]

just a weird day

Today Addison had a day off school because of Teacher Development and also Parent/Student/Teacher meeting. Yes I know the word student in in there. The student sits in on the meetings. How are we going to talk about real concerns with said child sitting right there? Not that I have anything to worry about. I […]