Happy 84th Birthday Gramps.

So we finally made it down to my grandparent’s with all of us there. We wound up picking up Addison from school at lunch time. He only had something called and IDU, which is like a unit study. it was the first class on it, so he says its mostly planning etc.. something he can catch up on easily.

Anyway, it was snowing a bit and I was getting a little worried, but the roads were okay both ways. Grampy met us at the door of the apartment bulding with a shopping cart for the comuputer we were bringing him.

“Where’s the laptop?” I heard him ask Ron, who was ahead of me.

“Right here,” he said, and I could here the grin in his voice as he held up the tiny briefcase. The look on Grampy’s face was priceless.

“I guess I didn’t need this then.” as he shook his head and moved the cart out of the way.

The men went right into Grampy’s room to set everything up and transfer stuff back and forth. Nanny & I sat down to chat while the kids pestered us for food and attention. Addison always wants to play a board gaem with Nanny while she’s trying to be hostess, making sure the tea is on. She showed me their 50th Wedding Anniversary album she was working on. Yes, I was there, but she’s just getting around the organizing the album nicely. Next year will be their 60th. There were some old photos in the box too. Its funny looking at the blush of youth on people you’ve always seen as “old”. Well, not “old” old but, you know… older. (yeah, that’s it…) Meaghan thouht Grampy looked just the same. I could tell when Grampy looked at the picture of Nanny at 18, he could see it in Technicolour, and not the sepia tones it was. “Golden curls..” he said with a smile, “These were all golden curls on her head.” and he looked up lovingly towards Nanny.

We also got out some other pictures to show the kids that Grampy used to roller skate and do a puppet show with my father and uncle. We also walked a bit down memory lane, of course. One picture of Nanny was at the old house, which she really misses. They moved out because they realized they were too old for the upkeep after Grampy fell of the roof and broke his arm. I think he was around 75 or so when that happened.
I said to Nanny, “If I could draw better, I bet I could draw every room in that house from memory.”
“Well why don’t you then?” she said. Maybe I will.

They had one of those cute cottage-type houses, down by the Saint John River, in Grand Bay. Nice country village type. It’s a proper town, now. Their house, like other grandparent’s, was crammed full of stuff in every room. Not like they were pack-rats or anything, they just had a lot of “Stuff”, thing with memories attached. Grampy and Nanny had seperate bedrooms, and I never thought it was weird. Grampy’s was off the living room and Nanny’s was off the kitchen. Hers had two single beds in it, one for me and one for her. The bookshelf that was right next to the door is now in the girl’s room. Grampy had one room called his “office” where his radio equipment and files were kept. Later, there would be a Commodore 64 on the desk. Their bathroom had purple fixtures and yellow tile work. The year before they sold the place, Nanny found a wallpaper border with pansies on it that matched the bathroom. On the kitchen wall, off to the side when you first came in the door, was a map of England that my aunt painted. It was bright yellow and looked a little bit like Woodstock (as in Snoopy and..).

I better stop on the description.

Nanny likes to take photos of serious family groupings, but we were all crammed on and in front of her loveseat sofa, so we had to squeeze in. Then the kids and Ron decide to ham it up a bit. It will probably be one of the better photos.

We drove home with a warm gushy feeling surrounding us all. When I got home, I even had to call down and let her know we arrived safely. “Thanks for coming,” she said like she always does, “It really brightened up this dreary winter!” It takes so little to make some people happy.

Next month Ron and I will have our 10th anniversary. I’m looking forward to the next 50 or 60. Especially since Nanny & Grampy are our role models.