The house is ours, we have the key. We had a crazybusy day today, and I am ready to fall asleep standing up. My back hurst, my hands are cramped, my feet are cold and my eyes are weepy. I’ll tell you more later, promise. Feel free to email me about it, though. Love ya!

Well, we’re back from the hilarious lawyer’s office where she made us sign 12412341235 papers. And if that weren’t enough, when we came back (oh,and after lunch) I whipped up the invites for our New Year’s Day housewarming party. Ron picked out a snazzy gold & silver “celebrate” theme, and since the details were on […]

Going to the lawyer’s this morning. Have to ask Carl if he wants to watch the kids. If we took them, they’d need all the extra chairs in the whole building, plus some of us would have to sit in the hall. 🙂 I’ll just tell Carl to make them sit on the couch and […]

The weirdest thing just happened… my mom, who went to Freddy Town today as well as Ron (but in a seperate car), just called from the Sally Ann’s there. Seems they had a loveseat, good condition for only $30. She wanted to know if I could call Ron and get him to go over and […]

There’s snow on the ground again this morning… Ron is gone, down to Freddy Town and the old house and points in between. Last night he bought cinnamon rolls, and when I stumbled out of bed (after he was gone) I couldn’t find them anywhere. Dang, I think he took them with him. It’ll be […]