Ron gets a job

Well, it’s been an interesting week to say the least. I think I’m going crazy, anyone else feel that way? Maybe I’m better now, too much trying to have everything perfect, you see. If I keep it perfect then iI don’t have time to miss my nanny, now do I?

Anyway. The church called and wanted to know if we wanted (“hope you’re not offended”) one of the Christmas hampers they give out. You know, the ones with the turkey and food they give out to us po’ folk. I did tell the lady that we were only accepting on the ground that everyone else who needed one got one first (are you sure?) and I was only taking it because I hand’t got my turkey yet, and we’ve just been really busy moving and it would make things a little easier. Not that we really needed it, no.

Ron sadi that’s exactly what someone *would* say if they really needed it and didn’t want people to know. Besides he just GOT A JOB (!!!!!) for the new year teaching over at the community college. It’s only for three months, three days a week, but it’s a foot in the door. I didn’t mention here that he applied for full-time info systems supervisor (job he can do in his sleep) but I guess they haven’t called for interviews yet. Bein’ so close to the holidays and all. 🙂

It’s very hard to type with Emma sneaking her fingers up to the keyboard…. Speaking of… she can climb stairs! All the way to the top of the attic. Has trouble getting down, though. ad to run out and buy a baby gate, but just so you know, a pair of crossed snowshoes make an excellent substitute.

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