Some breastfeedning links for you – Bad Ass Breastfeeding babies.WABA – World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action Emma is tugging at my waist, trying to lift my shirt, going “Maaaameeeee”. Oops, she just gave up. I was going to wax on about how nice this time of her life is, but they’re all whiney today.

I am Super Mommy today, I tell ya. Emma and I are bathed, the girls are checking each otehr’s Math workbooks, addison has disapeared to his room for the morning, and I am just about done on-line (56 mnutes). I checked half of my “sometimes” blogs, too. Need to update my links list.I also need […]

Okay, I’m cheating a little on the Sensibilities… The question is: Close your eyes. Inhale deeply. What do you smell? What do you wish you were smelling? Hmm…. *sniff* Well, last night (that’s the cheating part) all I could smell was fresh ginger. We had it in some stir fried chinese cabbage, as well at […]