The learning Page has *tons* of free worksheets & units to print out, all in pdf format, including mini books to make for babies and young children. Sign-up is free and easy, and you’ll have all kinds of things at your fingertips for homeschool, helping to teach reading or strengthen skills, or just for extra […]

Gah. I’m amazed at how one can spend 12 hours in bed and still be tired. At least Emma does not appear to be as whiney as she was all weekend. When we were home, she clung to me constantly. I hope she gets better soon! She’s also nursing constantly. She just came over and […]

I know a couple of my readers will find this link extremely helpful! Learning HTML for Kids of All Ages. Yes it really is that simple, and the site is done in a mature and plain way. Addison “got it” very quickly, so you can too! 😀 Note: Emma is somewaht better, but our dinner […]

Emma woke up last night at 2am throwing up. All over me and the bed. It was quite a while before we got her settled, and she has thrown up 3 more times since. She also got up this morning with a fever and I had a hard time getting her to take any Tylenol(tm). […]