2 things

What I have noticed is that most of the time I am not really talking about dyslexic things. Andrea and I often discussed a he said/she said site because we could be amusing and thought provoking at the same time. I guess in a way we are sorta doing that now but the posts aren’t […]

and here I am again

Sometimes I think the title should be “Things I haven’t done yet” but then you’d have nothing new to read, and an increasingly longer list. Today the man (that would be Ron) is off to the dentist, and as he has sensitive teeth, is off for the rest of the day. I’ll be taking care […]

not much today

I arrived home from work just before 10 tonight so I don’t have alot of news tonight. Emma was crawling over Mom on the couch to cuddle in beside me and said, “I missed you.” I think they are the words that tear at the heart of most every parent. And the thing is we […]