ins and outs


– tinkered around with the themes, added some new ones so I can play with them later (some are similar), renamed one or two to be descriptive, got rid of a double one and an ugly one. I have ideas. Be afraid.

– got groceries and spent a horribly low $118. Forgot rice, milk & potatoes.

– got to go by myself because Emma was asleep and coming down with my cold

– Addison’s eye will be re-tested in six months, then scheduled for easy surgery to fix it.

– MY ART JOURNAL CAME BACK TO ME IN THE MAIL!!!! WHEEEE! More info later with photos.

4 replies on “ins and outs”

  1. What’s the Art journal ? I’m eating some more fudge as I typre this. YUM. Your comment on Why unschooling? made a good point. At least I know I’m not just crazy. I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on the subject(when you post them). Shaye is coming down with a cold now too. By tonight- she will be full out sick. 🙁 John might be SICK if he catches wind of your grocery bill (we spend 2-300 shopping every week. (although this includes $60 of diapers and wipes.) but still. you are a shopping genius.

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