The photo that got away*

* I totally stole that line from my friend Sage.

Yesterday, I got Ron to drop me off at the library so I could return books before he went to work and I went to the grocery store (and dropped off Addison for physio).

In the library parking lot was a lone motorcycle, and we parked a few spaces down from it. Looking at it, because bikes are worth looking at DUH, we both noticed a square plaque of some sort under the seat behind the gas tank, with words on it. As I got out, Ron said, “Go read what that guy’s bike says…”

I wandered over, two bags of books in hand, read the plaque – and shook with laughter. I took the books into the library and got back in the van, still laughing. “Well,” said Ron, “What’d his bike say?”

I giggled. “Real WOMEN drive Harleys!”

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