Movie night

We rewarded our recently frugality by renting two movies last night. Sarah walked down to the video store and back in 45 minutes, which included hunting high and low for a movie that wasn’t there. At any rate, here are our reviews.

Napolean Dynamite
Addison: “That was the most retarded movie I have ever seen.”
Sarah: “I know, wasn’t it GREAT!”
Addison: “YES!”

And I would love to tell you how A Series of Unfortunate Events was an enjoyable film, all full of laughter and fun and little happy elves, but it wasn’t, and it was wretched. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. Those poor Beaudelaire orphans, I could hardly stand to watch, over and over again. I even viewed the horrid special features. I may have to purchase a copy from the store to spare some unsuspecting wholesome family from stumbling across it and possibly maiming themseles because those plastic edges on the DVD cases can be rather sharp.

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  1. We just watched A Series of U.E. last night(we own it). I loved it. John didn’t. We are all watching it on Sunday, I can’t wait to see what the kids think.(we have a habit of viewing everything first because of ,oh, I can’t think of it now, some little league movie advertised for kids where lil G gets gunned down by gang violence- quite graphic. Glad we saw that one first! Now we do that with everything) We also own Nap. Dyn. and I enjoy it way more than the kids – a lot of it went over their heads. Brielle does have “Idiot.” down pat though. 🙂 John just bought Man on Fire today so we’ll be watching that tonight. Hey, better late than never right?

  2. Heh, I don’t think Ron quite got it, either. Emma asked a zillion questions and bounced around, and as our family is rather dark and morbid, most of it was okay for her.
    An excellent spot to really check out movies before the kids see them is It lists every possibly objectionable thing in just about any movie you want.

  3. I sent Dorothy (my 21 year old) to the grocery store this week (she drives now) with my bank card – she decided to take Owen with her – they decided while there that mom would certainly agree to buying A Series of Unfortunate Events (they had both seen it at the theatre, I hadn’t)… so we watched it the other night…!!! I thought it was pretty good – apparently they took a few of the books for this movie. I love Jim Carrey, especially when he isn’t being too much like himself…! owen has been exposed to most things so the darkness wasn’t a problem…

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