Not near long enough

The other day, when I had someone over and we were talking in the kitchen, Ron interrupted me with a, “Dear…”

I stopped, went, “Oh, yeah..” and changed courses in the conversation.

Our guest stared at us both. “You’ve been married too long,” she said. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

3 replies on “Not near long enough”

  1. yeah rob and I do that alot too. Only thing that annoys me that he does is starts taking in the middle of the thought so I have no clue what he is ramblin about..haha

    Men gotta love em!

  2. Happens here too (Ron starts talking in the middle of a sentence) except half the time, I know what he’s talking about. Should I be scared? 😆

  3. We do that too! My sister lives with us and thinks we’re nuts. I’ll say “Oh, darn it, I forgot the . . ” and he’ll break in with “That’s OK, I picked it up already.”

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