Low blogging day

So I have to wake up Emma, and Mom is taking us out and about for some pre-Canada Day celebrations. Lots of pictures forthcoming. Emma and I also visited our eldery neighbours last night, when we went all the way across the street to give them a container of freshly-picked strawberries, of which we have […]

The line to Canada forms to the left

I was gonna post something fluffy and pointless, when I came buy cialis tabs across this news item from the Spunkster, which explains that “The Federal Election Commission says Web logs just might be a threat to democracy and it’s considering whether to police them.” So, I know they’re mostly looking at political blogs and […]

Table clutter

You know how, in everyone’s house, there’s one table or area (okay, areaS) that is a challenge to keep clutter-free, because it attracts papers and books and things like a magnet? Yeah, our biggest on is the dining room table, the one we eat off of twice a day. But I finally figured out why […]