Hustle and bustle

My lists are started and Meaghan and I made a couple dozen cards this morning, while sitting in our jammies. Emma helped too. She made a Santa coming out of a chimney, all her own idea. She just instructed me to cut the pieces, except the “fluff” on Santa’s suit which she did herself with wavy scissors.

The fish guy was gone but is back again now that the snow is trying to leave. Soft and melty it is out there.

We zipped off to the mall last night and got a toaster. Addison was walking home and when he saw the van, turned around and came back to the mall for he had no house key on him. D’oh! Picked up a toaster and a fancy top for Sarah who is going to a Christmas banquet for youth group.

All this tying up loose ends, bustling to and fro, descisions to be made. Low-key and low-stress I repeat to myself. It’s about fun and family. This is emphasized as we quickly discuss what to do about Christmas stickings this year. Change names again? Will we go behind each other’s backs and try to guess who has whom? Will we need to get a pencil and paper to figure out who should get whome based on who they bought for in years previous?

Ron notes he can whip up a program to figure it out in no time.

Yes, geeky presents will abound this year.

In Emma news, she has rediscovered the Veggies Tales videos. Am I the only one who thinks they went way downhill after Jonah and after Tim left?

Also, she has figured out how to lock the downstairs bathroom door. Shortly after that, she learned how to unlock it right quickly.

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