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I was messing around in Firefox, cleaning up my extensions, when I found the niftiest thing. A grocery list generator. Makes your list, checks it twice, adds ingredients from recipes (okay, it’s just a listing of dishes but still…) and even sorts items by department. There’s a few minorly annoying issues, like the “update” thingy, […]


On Friday, I put the (correct and brand-new) power supply in my computer, turned it on and… nothing happened. I checked my connections to find one loose. Turned it on and the heavens opened, angels sang. It totally worked. (although at one point, I said to myself “Ooo! Lookit all the pretty colored wires! … […]

Sunday Dinner – the “Let’s take pity on my sick mom and have it at my house a day earlier” edition

So yeah, we had Sunday dinner at my house for a change, and had it tonight rather than tomorow, seeing as at least two manly people won’t be around. I had to come on and tell you about the wonderful recipe I found and how good it was. We had apple stuffed pork tenderloin and […]