The thing with the moving…

Ron wrote about it over here, but the short version is they keep moving his office around and there is a huge lack of suitable rentals in the area.

(And as an aside, you’d think if you had a place to rent, you’d return phone calls, right?)

So: what we decided to do (since Ron can’t stay at my aunt’s indefinitely, no matter how much she loves him) was to find what we could and work with it. Ron got a 2 bedroom apartment close enough to his current office set up (where he expects to be for at least five months) that he can go home for lunch. Some of the time the girls and I, or some combination, will go over with him.

It’s not perfect, it’s far from easy, but it’s the best option we have at the moment.

You may remember that our current house is not in saleable condition. Although it is beautiful and very liveable, we did start a few renovations. If we were forced to sell it now, we would take a huge loss. That is assuming it would sell quickly, and that wouldn’t happen either, not this time of year. We’ll be spending the summer trudging through various fix-it jobs (which was one reason we were looking at paint) and getting our house into market condition.

I am also going to purge our stuff like crazy and warned the girls I would like to reduce it by half. That means we’ll be having plenty of yard sales, and YES I’ll post to the blog when we do you you can come over. 😀

Considering I have enough stuff to oufit an apartment and probably set aside some things for Addison when he goes to college in September, we have far more things than we really need.

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  1. I’m sorry that things haven’t fallen into place like you’d hoped. I’ll keep praying — for your house to sell when you get it ready and for the perfect house for you to move in to when the time is right. And for strength for you and Ron during the continued separation.

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