I voted for flames.

Every time we go get the groceries, we drive by this one place, and I make fun of it every single time. It’s a garage, and they do custom paint jobs. On farm equipment. Just saying it out loud gives me the giggles. I mean, *who* gets a custom paint job on their farm equipment?? Pinstripes on your John Deere? Detailing on your combine? The lols are good for miles.

And then Ron got a new toy.

Ron's new toy

Actually, I shouldn’t call it a toy. Really, out here in Lawn Central, it’s an outright necessity. The man is skinny enough; he does not need to sweat off more pounds pushing a mower around roughly 3/4 of an acre of unlevel ground to get out lawn mowed. I’ll leave it to him to tell the story, as it’s a good one, and he’s now the proud owner of an old and crotchety lawn tractor I call Stanley. (The model is a Roper. Heidi says we need a weed whacker named Helen.)

Only problem is – other than the tires, the muffler, the battery hookups and the carburetor – the body needs work and is rusty in a few spots. In fact, when he got it from the guy, he had said he’d give it a quick paint job and touch up the rusty spots. It wound up looking like he’d cleared out the last of his red and white spray can collection and just made a few quick passes.

Ron and I were out looking at it one afternoon, pondering what to tackle first, when he pointed out the paint job and the need to have it redone. Before I knew it, in all seriousness, I blurted out, “Yeah, there’s that place down the road that paints farm equipment…”

And then he had to giggle at me. “What should we go for? Flames? Something in pink maybe?”

Ahhh life in the country… it never gets boring that’s for sure.

Edit: Ron is looking for guesses as to the paint color he picked up.

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