Under the weather of leaves

Something must have struck us lately, for most of the week we’ve been somewhat zombie-fied, tired andlethargic. No other sick symptoms than a runny nose, which I chalked up to allergies or reactions to all the dust from the fields. One night we even just lay there watching a movie in my bedroom – with […]

Bona fide hs-ers

Carrie tagged me for thsi meme. You know you’re a bona fide homeschooler when… – when you forget when kids are supposed to be in school. – when your personal collection of reference books on ancient Egypt rival that of the local library’s. – you subconciously start planning a unit study when introduced to a […]

Enough with the crap in my sidebar!

Yesterday the blogosphere was abuzz with yet *another* blog-traffic-link-exchange-widget-heavy-javascript-pile-of-crap for everyone to jump on the bandwagon. While the jury is still out on whether it is actually useful in directing traffic (many people report dismally low CTR), the site owner is probably laughing all the way to the bank, considering he’s about to release a […]