Some things that might not be G rated

It’s come up recently in some circles about how a certain h0meschool blog awards is only accepting nominations for G-rated blogs. Now, I ran mine through a checker, but it comes back fast enough that I can assume it’s only checking the first page.

Because I know I used to be PG-rated. And yes my kids read. So in the interest of science, here’s some keywords that I have mentioned in the past (check the archives):

– breast feeding
– strip quilting
– butts and boobs
– female body parts like uterus and cervix. Oh, and boobs.
– sex
– groan-inducing food

If I think of more, I’ll add more.
ETA – I found these phrases:

Now, I’m thinking if someone wanted to, they could probably comb through my extensive archives and find *something* objectionable to someone somewhere. But to me that would be the sign of someone taking virtual blog awards just a tad too seriously.

Son of Edit: I have now passed into PG territory with 1 use of the word “kill” on the main page. I would say I could kill for a piece of chocolate, but I have a stash right here in the desk drawer. So I don’t have to kill anyone.

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