All that screen time wasn’t wasted

Over at the awesome educational gaming site Super Smart Games, they are running a series of posts on homeschooling and computer games. Intriguing, huh? I’m sure you know we love computer games, utilizing them in our children’s schooling, and I’ve always said that a well-designed game is educational in itself, no matter how fluffy it may seem to the parent, and…

Well, I wrote a whole article. You should go read it.  There’s even a picture of me not smirking like usual. Then you should poke around the rest of the site and bookmark it and stuff. Elle is my new bestest friend.

One reply on “All that screen time wasn’t wasted”

  1. Cool. I liked your article. 🙂 It reminds a of the book “Everything bad is good for you.” Have you read it? Nothing too groundbreaking, and although I don’t agree with everything he writes, he makes some interesting points.

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