New header

Pop on through if you’re reading this in a feed somewhere, as I’ve tweaked the header again. This time? It’s ever-changing. It shows the latest twelve photos from our flickr stream in those cool square thumbnails.

Thanks to this flickRSS plugin, and Dale and Matt at Brave New Code for their minimalia theme that I snagged it from.

(Psst… Matt, if you ever see this, I’m the one who talked about being a WordPress guru. And yes, I *am* slightly embarrassed about it now…)

NOTE: I managed to see what you guys are talking about when Ron looked at it in his profile. A HARD refresh fixed it. Your browser isn’t catching the stylesheets changes. If you still see the trees, that’s a tip. I remvoed the tree pic from the header, it’s not there anymore, so if you see it and the sqaure pics down the side, that’s why.  Press F5. 🙂

9 replies on “New header”

  1. Pretty cool looking. i like it! (even though I hate Flickr with a burning passion for denying me access to my own dang pictures)
    Btw my dd made your shortbread cookie recipe yesterday and GOOD LORD, they are incredible!!! They are also totally gone. I, of course, had nothing whatsoever to do with that…

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