The living room is clean

Not that the job being down is in itself a reason to blog, but it left me wondering a few things.

How can we get so much stuff *in* there?
Why does all the dirt then collect itself on me?
Why don’t I do it more often?

Oh yeah, it’s exhausting, dusty (I’m allergic), makes me feel like crap, and gets me cranky.

But at least this time my abdomen did not hurt and I wanted to clean up. Maybe I’m finally “better”.

I’m sure there’s another point I wanted to make when I started this post, but I’ve since forgotten it. Meanwhile, the study – the room next to the living room – is an absolute disaster area. Since it’s holding the stuff that doesn’t belong in the lviing room. Oh yeah, now I remember! Does it strike anyone else that a large part of cleaning up is just shuffling items from one end of the house to the other?

5 replies on “The living room is clean”

  1. That is the STORY OF MY LIFE. Every time I clean something, somewhere else ends up a mess because of the stuff I removed from the clean area. I’m thinking I need to clean up by just dragging most of our stuff outside and setting it on fire.

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