It’s been how long since I blogged?

Yeah, it’s been that kind of week. I twittered some though. Mostly I worked, or tried to stay awake. I don’t know what was going on with that. I could not be alert during the day and could not sleep very well at night.

The circut board came for our stove on the very day we were going to buy another one. We’re still going to get the other one, but now we can wait another pay cycle. We found out some interesting stuff about this stove, but I’ll let Ron tell it.

I cleaned. I changed one of the blankets over the living room windows to a white one, so we could see. I miss the sun! The thing is about throwing blankets over windows to keep the cold out, is it also blocks a lot of light.

I rearranged the office. I did this today, actually. It was clean and mostly de-cluttered so it was optimum time. Now we don’t look so squished in here, just by rearranging things.

Tonight Ron is taking apart the drain under the sink. It’s had a leak since we got here, just from one side and only when you fill it with water. There will be pictures forthcoming, but imagine this: a double sink and a dishwasher hookup. Got the picture in your head? Good. Now imagine using THIRTEEN fittings to hook the drain all up.

Work-wise I am moving along. There’s tons of it out there, that’s for sure. I’ve been installing, upgrading, designing, consulting over the phone, fixing blown-up blogs, troubleshooting and answering a pile of emails. Not to mention the pile I have yet to answer. At least I’m down to around 60 or so just from this month.

There hasn’t been much funny going on with the kids or Ron this week either. I know! I’m boring myself. We didn’t really do anything for V-Day as the previous three we weren’t together for, so we just basked in the glow of being here. We did do a little shopping that night and Emma hugged a random teenage girl out on a date.

I haven’t even hardly taken any decent pictures this week, but I’ll update Flickr anyway. The snowbanks are huge. One of our neighbours came by with his big tractor and did our driveway because he coudln’t stand to see Ron out there shoveling. of course, he also got one of ourpotted rosebushes that didn’t get moved before it was frozen to the pavement, so that was interesting.

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