Everything you type on the internet is out there soemwhere

I was poking aroudn online and just go see what I found. Messages from me as early as November, 1994. I kept writing about my 2 year old, and there was one notation where she was using a quilt in a frame as a trampoline. I think I finally remember which quilt, and no, it’s still not finished.

I was mildly disturbed to find out my typing has not improved. But I’m still adorable.

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  1. I had to go back and look and see how far back I could trace myself. Best I could do was December 2, 1993. Looks like Sage was starting to get active at about the same time. Before that we were on prodigy and various bbses. The earliest we used the “Tyrtle” moniker, though, appears to be in late 1995.

    We actually have a home video from about the same time showing me chatting on irc. Before I took Sage’s online last name of Tyrtle, I used her first name on irc as MrSage.

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