Kitchen drain re-do

When we moved in, we quickly discovered there was a teensy bit of a leak uner the right-hand kitchen sink. Specifically, where the end of the basket screwed onto the rest of the drain pipes. One look at the setup and we knew it was not going to be a quick fix.

kitchen drains - before

So we deferred it till now and just used one side of the sink. The other side could still be used, but not if you put the plug in and filled it. Then it leaked. The picture above shows a total of thirteen fittings including six elbows, some of which are hard to see.

Ron made sure he had all he needed and only had to get a couple new fittings. The job took five hours with him counting down the last bit with Meaghan, so she could get the dishes done and go watch her tv show.

The final result:

Kitchen sink drain - after

It took some less because we didn’t hook the broken dishwasher back up, but it still would have been better than what was there. Now our strainer baskets are all shiny. Before, they were white plastic. (???) This time, we even managed to make the pipe level, although in the picture it’s a bit tilted as I was tired and in a hurry.

In Ron’s version, he used 2 elbows, a trap and 2 45 degree angles. The bend and pip between the two drains is all one piece and came in a kit.

As a side note, ABS plastic pipe and the ABS glue is an interesting science experiment.

3 replies on “Kitchen drain re-do”

  1. Ain’t plumbing great? 🙁 This looks similar to our kitchen sink repair, except the bottom of the cupboard is not so nice. Who knows how long the sink leaked before my husband “fixed” it? We still have a bucket underneath.

  2. Before the kitchen remodel, during a different plumber’s call, said plumber noticed an odd set-up for our kitchen sinks. We had a double sink and each side had a pipe that went through the floor into the basement where they each joined the main out-flow pipe.

    You could fix that up real easy,” said the plumber to us. “Just go to DIY Store and but this-and-such and connected them right there under the sink.”

    Us, when it comes to the plumbing in this house… “Uhh.”

    “Or I could do it for you, ” said Mr. Plumber. And it took him an hour to get the one pipe disconnected. I don’t remember when he arrived that afternoon for the original call, but he stayed until 7:00 that evening.

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