Thursday already?

My entire week was thrown off. Ron went to work on Monday, sent some emails and promptly came back home. He took Tuesday off too, and went by himself to his Grammy’s funeral. It was kind of rough on him, not because of grief, but more because some of his family members are still idiots. And that’s all I should say about that.

I’ve been working. Work work work. Even my mom said, “You’re working too hard, dear, I hope they’re paying you well.” Yes, they are and yes, I’m earning every cent. 😀 Toss in all that coding, design work, troubleshooting, emails and even phone calls with the normal things a homeschooling mom in the country deals with and you have my day. It helps that some of my clients are just about best buddies at this point. Awesome guys, can’t wait to show you some sites.

Today, though, I get to go out and go grocery shopping. Whee! I probably have a ton of errands to do as well. Shoot – I just remembered I have to phone someone at the local access centre (ten minutes away) as they have old computers they are donating to our local club. The one I’m VP of, remember? I was socializing at the post office yesterday when she called the lady there to see what she knew. “I’m lookin’ right at one,” I heard her say, so when she got off the phone I asked her what she roped me into this time. 😀 So I might have to go pick up five computers, bring them home and check them over.

As a side note, I was talking to some guy there and the P.O lady and we talked about web sites and what I did. He said his daughter has some sort of new business and in her plan, she allocated $15,000 for a website. He asked what kind of website you could get for that kind of money. I said, “One that’ll dance a friggin’ jig for ya.”

I am so fed up with my hair, which still hasn’t been cut, that I’m tempted to do it myself. Ron volunteered but… oh we can’t go there. He helped trim my hair once. I can’t even talk about it.

I’ll have to see what I can squeeze in. We have to drop Ron off at work for 1pm, go to the library there, go to the next town and get groceries, go downtown to get a proper needle for my serger (I bought cheap ones, they don’t fit either) , go to the post office, maybe pick up computers and if not maybe squeeze in that haircut finally and be back to pick Ron up at 5pm after making sure someone starts supper and groceries are put away.

Or maybe I’ll decide to get the car again tomorrow and space a few things out. That would probably work.


I need to figure out how get Ron to upgrade FF because there’s no spell check working on it and it seriously takes me longer to fix my typos than it does to type an entry. I’m still on 1.5 so a new install is needed and it screwed up last time we tried. :-/ At least now the nights are lighter.

the new pellet stove is awesome, just so you know. It has a thermostat on the wall and shuts down automatically when it reaches temp. It restarts when the room cools off. It doesn’t have a fancy control panel, just a couple buttons and a light. And it feeds pellets properly and does not require so much cleaning. It’s also quieter and cranks out more heat further.

I have links. I just ran out of time to gather them all to show you. Next time! I promise. I’m even behind on the photos.

Also, if we could just get rid of the snow and have it a wee bit warmer, I have been antsy to get outside and get walking again. I *feel* like it. That is excellent news.

Coming up: it’s been one year since I had that operation and got rid of cervical cancer. Sunday I’m gonna blast everyone with cervical cancer awareness posts both here and at twitter. You’ve been warned. 😉

With that, I am out of time. Sorry for the brain dump. 😀 my writing skills have been used up on my tech blog this week instead.

4 replies on “Thursday already?”

  1. That new stove sounds ideal. Fewer electronic bits are always better, I think.

    And yes, do have the car again tomorrow. It’ll be much less stressful. And book a bloody appointment for the hair so it is on the “must do” list instead of the “if I have time list”. You are not unimportant.! A haircut is not some frivolous thing!

    And hooray for your one year anniversary.

  2. It me! I am not dead (nearly, but that’s a story for the blog).

    I missed you! Your life is stil so cool and look you do the same thing I do, web design! (I draw the line at fixing the darn things!)

    I am babbling tired right now, but so glad I found you!

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