Spring? Is that you?

I easily woke this morning, rested and alert. The sun was shining not unkindly in my window, and then… a bird was chirping.

There’s still snow on the ground but I think it’s safe to say spring might finally be coming! I’m so excited over this that I’m gonna clean up my craft room. Seriously.

When I mentioned to Ron that spring may finally be here, he said, “Of course, it was a full moon last weekend.” That’s my country boy. Another couple of full moons and we’ll be planting… assuming the ground has dried out by then. Ron is anxious to get outside and get digging. In something, anything, except possibly snowbanks because that is getting old.

Allrighty, I have to get going, even though I have a huge list of stuff to blog, my feet are a wee bit chilly because I’m not wearing socks. But how awesome was it that I didn’t have to bundle up as soon as I got out of bed?