Tech talk

I’m about to start my work day again, in between laundry loads, checking the stove and feeding people. Looking up at my list on the whiteboard, I realized I juggle about 6 clients at once. A couple are long-term and the rest float in and out as things come up. I’m finally making some huge progress on some things, with a lot of it finishing up at the same time. There’s some vastly different sites I’ve been working on, all really cool implementations. Also? I think I’m getting used to saying “web developer” when someone asks me what I do.

You know, in addition to all that other stuff. 😀

Havign said all that, when it comes to clients and other websites I work on, it’s much easier to start with an existing theme for wordpress and tweak around that. I’ve wanted to try out some premium themes for a while now, but don’t have the funds to do so. One designer, named Addi, is running a contest to give away a developer’s license for his themes – worth $500.

Can you imagine the havoc I’d wreak with that? 😀

All I have to do is write and entry and link back to him and I’m entered in the contest. I could have put this over in my other blog, WPMU Tutorials, but I have some readers here who also may be interested, or just curious. Speaking of WordPressMU, I really want to try out one of the Original Premium News theme as a main blog page on WPMU-based system. I think it would work perfectly as a portal to the rest of the site and the member blogs. Actually, the rest of the themes make me think of all sorts of sites I could use them on…

Contest closes on my birthday too! I think that’s a sign.