How to make fabric pumpkins


Aren’t these cute? Don’t you want to make some too? They are so easy you can make a lot in a short time, and you can even use it to teach kids how to sew.
Go find, beg, borrow, scrounge, recycle or if you really must… buy… the following materials:

– orange fabric, solid or prints, whatever you like, any size.
– thread & needle, scissors, rotary cutter & mat if you have it
– green wire & wire cutters so you don’t wreck your fabric scissors again
– green felt (one piece makes a lot of leaves)
– circular objects you can trace around, all sizes
– rice, beans or plastic beanbag pellets. even old beads or buttons would work
– stuffing, batting or wadding (small bits)

Step one

Lay the fabric out on a flat surface, place a plate on top and trace around it. If the fabric is folder, well you’ll cut out more than one, but you knew that, right? If you use a rotary cutter & mat, you can just zip right around the plate in no time. The finished pumpkin will be about 60% smaller than your cut circles.

Step 1.5

Cut out lots and lots of circles.

The next step I forgot to take a picture of, but just sew a running / gathering stitch all around the outside of the circle, maybe 1/4″ from the cut edge. You can use the sewing machine for this if you really like, with the stitch length set to the longest and the tension slightly loosened. These stitches don’t have to be perfect or evenly spaced, we’ll never see them in the end.

Steps 2 & 3

Pull up the stitches partway, just enough to pull in the edges a bit. Pour in a bit of rice or whatever, just enough to cover the bottom and add weight. Add a handful of stuffing as well. I like more rather than less, but go with your preference. Just don’t put in so much stuffing you can’t gather up the top fully. So pull those gathering stitches so the top closes almost all the way.

close up!

Let’s put on the stem and leaf. Break a stick from the yard or a cinnamon stick into a piece about an inch longer than you need. Poke this into the top opening of the pumpkin. Wiggle it around a bit and it should get stuck in the batting. You can glue this in if you like.

Cut a leaf shape from the green felt. I winged it. If you need one, make a template from a real actual leaf. This would involve going outside. 😀

I cut a piece of wire about 2 feet long, maybe three for the bigger pumpkins. I wound up most of it on a pencil to make it like a tendril. The other end I poked in and out of the middle of the felt leaf, just for an inch or two. Then I wound the wire once around the pumpkin stem.

Step 4 - finish up

And then I made another one, and another one…

If you used red fabric, you could call them apples. Green fabric, they could be squash. You could make a whole harvest! 😀

And I even created a Flickr Group, so be sure to take a picture and share. 🙂

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