This is typical

I took Sarah to work today. Usually Ron takes her, but this morning when I got up, he looked so peaceful and young, laying there, cuddled up – and then sprawled. I hadn’t the heart. Sarah works either 10 to 4 or 4 to 10, unless it’s the weekend, and Ron is the one who usually takes her.

It’s wet out there. Sprinkling, wet, muddy, cold. Leaves stuck to the pavement, junipers all yellow-orange when we drove over the back road through the woods. I spoiled myself and got a large tea (1 milk, 2 sugar please) at the Tim Horton’s drive through and saw Sarah walking up to the grocery store. The guy who owns it also own the place where she works. I waited around a bit and didn’t see her again, but after I got home and settled again, she called to tell me the person who was supposed to open misunderstood what time they had to actually get there to open. So she was letting me know she was okay and not stranded.

We went to a meeting for the community club last night. The breakfast we had on last Saturday made almost seven hundred dollars – enough for a tank of oil to heat the place, maybe till Christmas. The other lady who was going to do the craft bazaar can’t so I’m in charge now because I really think we should have it. I hope it works out better than the craft class I held last week. Not one person showed up. Ah well, this time I know I have help (someone’s gonna call some people) and I have a clear plan, and yeah – I have kinda done this before. So I’ll be working my tail off more to prove the point I can do it.

I suggested at this sale (after it was mentioned that last time someone had a table of baked goods and sold mountains of it) that the club should have a baked goods table with items donated by club members. “Ooo, good idea!” a couple of the hard-nosed people said. I’m thinking, “Well yeah, isn’t that pretty standard?” Anyway.

Christmas Craft sale. My neighborhood. November 22nd. I’ll be making signs and putting them up everywhere this week.

Actually, I just thought of something, took a quick break while I ran around the house like a madwoman searching for a phone number that is on the bulletin board at my desk. But! I caught them just in time to get the craft sale put on the local community calendar that comes in the mail and blankets half the county, so *phew*!


And we’re making work slow down. No new clients until the end of the year. I officially started turning away new inquiries yesterday. We’ve got a bunch of our own things that have been neglected too long, so we have to work on that, and we have to do some things over the holidays, like visit family. I hope they still recognize me, it’s been a while.

The only up side is that most of my relatives don’t have blogs, so they can’t dis me in public. I should be thankful, yes?

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