I use my blog as my journal / diary / brain dumping ground, but I do have a plain simple notebook where I write down the day-to-day things. My note,s the tasks I need to do, the ones I’ve *done*, and everything else I can scribble.

My grandmother did the same – in a real sort of journal-daybook fashion. Just brief notes, highlights, things to remember. We;ve kept them all. Blue wire coiled books, lined up along a shelf at one time, now in a box.

I just moved a pile of mine from the storage room, laying on the floor, a haphazard mess spilling over, to the bookshelf in the hall. The set of shelves I got from my grandfather’s place.

Do you keep your old journals? If you do, do you ever go back and look at them?

Sometimes I do, when I find them. I like to see if my good ideas are still relevant or just embarrassing. There’s note sin there I forgot, notes in there on things I want to remember. Menu plans, a dozen different blog template ideas, sketches I forgot I scribbled, but remember that I did them to prove to myself I still could.

I’ve never though about what will happen to them eventually. Maybe I should.

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  1. My Mother’s journals are invaluable. They are a big help in labelling photos…where and when and who…events are all in the journals and the same events are in the photos…documented for all time.

  2. I couldn’t stand to keep them. I would end up feeling disgusted about all the stuff in them I didn’t follow through on. Plus, I can’t stand clutter (even though I am constantly cleaning out, throwing away, and recycling our house is still overloaded with “stuff”) and those would just add to it.

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