Workout playlist

I felt like warmed-over crap when I got up this morning, and since lollygagging over the internet with a pot of tea wasn’t helping, I got the brilliant idea to get on the elliptical for a change. Hadn’t been on it in a week.

Moby – Alice: Moby is pretty good to space out to, and warm up to.
Pink – Sober: I just like it.
Flo Rida – Right Round: best sampling from the 80’s I’ve heard in a while
Guns n Roses – Paradise City: watched a show yesterday on the history of metal
Goodnight Nurse – Milkshake: punk cover of a Kelis song
D.A.N.C.E. – Justice: Sarah found this for me, puts me back in the roller rinks under the disco lights
Restless (f. Josh Homme) – UNKLE: another from Sarah, no idea who these guys are
99 Points of Authority – Jay Z / Linkin Park mashup

Yeah, that did the trick.

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