Again, the weekend

Yesterday was Ron’s birthday, and with a small and understated celebration we pretty much went on with our day. Part of that included him getting up on the roof to try and fix a piece of loose steel. Of course it was windy as well. We were supposed to go out on a date to Tim Horton’s (we have a free coffee you know) and a trip to the local greenhouses, but the day grew later and nastier so we stayed in. I made him homemade baked fries and homemade chicken strips. They were really good.

The kids gave him a couple puzzles and a movie, so he and Meaghan also started one of the puzzles. There’s always at least one in the works on the table, and they only ever get cleaned off when we can’t see the top anymore and they start a new one.

Meaghan has also said it woudl be nice “for a change” to actually *eat* at the dining room table and it not be a special occasion.

Hmmm, what else… Oh YES. Our neighbor behind us gave us fits AGAIN as the Public Health guy showed up on our doorstep once again. but this time he was rolling his eyes. He took one look around and then stated he was going to call them back and tell them not to call him about us any more.

Our neighbours are at it again

And to go really far back in our week (wow, I didn’t update last weekend? Huh.) over Easter Sarah went to visit Addison & Kaytlyn and when we took her down there, we did some shopping. We also took Paddington.

Paddington helps pick fabric

And we bought fabric. 😀

In other Sarah news, while we were shopping for Ron presents, she noticed an almost new computer at the pawn shop. Dads took her back and I got a text from her later saying she bought it (of course). And do you know how geek children rebel? They buy a computer with VISTA on it. I am crushed.

At least she’s installing FireFox on it, as we already had The talk about Safe Surfing.

Oh, and we bought some diet coke and mentos, since Sarah got a tube especially for it, and set off two rockets in the driveway. Of course we went across the street to the nice neighbors and suggested they watch from the window. 😉

Diet coke & Mentos

Sarah also took a video on her camera, no idea when we’ll get it uploaded.

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