Apron giveaway!

I found out about an apron giveaway blog tour thingy (Apron Fest from the Apronista!) , and since I’ve had an apron sitting here for *ages* waiting for me to give it away, I thought now was the time.

All you have to do a LEAVE A COMMENT on this entry. Although if you tweet it on twitter, or blog it, I’ll add those as entries too. I’ll choose a winner at random on August 7th, and mail you this lovely half-apron.


I made it myself from a vintage pattern, and it doesn’t suit me. It would look adorable on you though. 😉 The fabric is a stretch cotton with cherries that have a tiny glitter highlight on them. The ties are extra-long too.


And! As a new work promo, I’m doing WordPress installs & setup for $25 – just follow the link for details. Get hosting from my recommended host, and I’ll do the rest and hand over the keys.

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  1. Oh that’s lovely! Cherries aren’t necessarily my thing, but I kind of have a favor to pay back to a good friend of mine and I think SHE would LOVE it, we were supposed to room together for school this year and something came up so we can’t any more 🙁

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