Emma writes a movie

Oh my good Lord, I can’t believe the amount of comment on that last entry. 😀 You have aaaallllll day tomorrow to enter too. I’ll count all comments left by midnight my time zone (AST).

Now, onto the stuff my family wants to read. ;P

Emma joined the summer reading club at the library, and next week is the last week. She said she’d read 30 books and she’s done so already. It’s every Wednesday at 10:30 am, which even then I sometimes have trouble making on time.

But today and tomorrow afternoon, we headed (and will head) to *another* local library and do a Movie Making workshop. There’s only four kids including Emma, and it’s supposed to be for kids in grade 4 and up, but they said she could go. Cuz, you know. They know her.

She did a lot of talking and I told the fresh-faced young man to tell her to stop any time. The other kids were kind of shy. The movie will be performed with puppets and burned onto DVD. (note to self: get blank DVD) It involves a farting robot dog, his owner, a girl wizard and a dragon. Hijinks ensue.

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