This blog is not dead

I just ran out of words for a bit.

– we still haven’t made it back to the other library to get Emma’s finished movie.
– Emma found a cheque from her grandmother and purchased a small Wall-E from Toy ‘r Us. While she finds it fun, it just isn’t quite the same as the cardboard one she made. (It comes apart tho.)

Fix & repair Wall-e

– my bathroom is still waiting for a sink and the septic field still isn’t finished
– i did, however, sort of fix the downstairs shower which was handy for that whole two weeks of heat we had at the first of the month.

Shower fail, but I "fixed" it.

– Sarah is moving a few blocks away from where she spent the summer and will be rooming with a family friend. She’s a mom of 4 grown children with family values like ours (hippie, slightly crunchy, leaning towards British, and odd in a good way). Food is included. They should get on famously.
– Sarah also begins her first day of real school next week. At 18. I was supposed to set her up a blog, but that was tied to the moving around of this site, whcih hasn’t happened yet.

– Meaghan made a hammock.

Hammock chair

– then she made two more cloth ones.
– the baking has continued. Today’s snack plate has caramel shortbread cookies.

– we partook of a community art festival, and joined in a large painting

this is what we did

It was in the local paper too.

– work tanked for a bit. We slogged through finishing up (or trying to) long overdue projects and a few of our own.
– when we started to make actual progress, a whole pile of new clients came flooding through

– I’m continuing to get veggies from our neighbours, on credit for the work I did picking berries and beans. Not together. Last night, they left a large bag of corn on our back step so someone could eat it before it went bad.

– we also discovered that the roof join over one end of my craft room was leaking. right into the wall. We’ll be closing this room off completely for the winter, and I moved my sewing table to someplace we could use it better. my sewing has stagnated.

craft room wall

There’s more going on in the background. 🙂 Just waiting for the best time and all.

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