So that one time I went to New York..

It boggled my mind. I was in full-blown ADD-mode most of the time. Which can be good, and can be not good. I’m just doing a brain dump now & hopefully get some actual posts written about each “scene”.

– fabulous, amazing, awesome, wonderful, grateful, sharing, collaboration, all are fitting adjectives

– i had no idea how many people had read my words. Seriously. you guys, seriously.

– i really am funny, despite what my kids think. 😛

– i did not love NYC like I thought I might. I mean, I *like* it, but I did not love it. It reminded me of Saint john if it had grown that big. I do want to go back though. There’s SO MUCH to see.

The weather impacted our leaving. Flights got delayed, canceled, rescheduled, delayed some more, then a “everyone get to the security gate NOW, this is the last and ONLY call”. We were told we had 15 minutes to be in the air. Then we were told we had to sit on the runway for 40. Then ten minutes later we took off.

Needless to say, that can leave you a little rattled.

The hotel we stayed at was like a guest room at your crazy Aunt Martha’s, who inherited a rooming house and liked art. The gal in the room across from us kept going outside in the hall to talk on her cell phone. The walls were thick. The doors weren’t. Otherwise the beds were comfy.

My presentation went well. I tried to pace myself, but then had to cram in the end. Then I did my second one directly after that. Tons of questions, and later I second-guessed a bunch of stuff and thought of things to do better.

Ron did his off the top of his head. Turns out he had no copies or notes from his presentation. Astoundingly, he got good feedback.

We mostly forgot to eat, split up for a different sessions and spent too much time trying to find each other. The second day was better. We wore our new WordCamp tshirts and both in black pants, so we were matchy-matchy & cute.

ooo! ooo! We went to a BAR! 😀 And we hung out on the roof. We threw in the towel at 9pm tho. I was asleep by 11, awake again around 5 or 6. Ron… well, he does not sleep well when we are away. But it was better than the night before.

second day, and it is an unconference based on popular items from the day before. Guess how was requested at the top fo the list??? ME! had a full room for that too.

in between, I talked myself hoarse & tried to stay hydrated. I met a TON of people I had been dying to meet.

other highlights:

– NYC pizza

– walking walking EVERYwhere. look waaaaaaaay up for the good stuff.

– “follow that cab!”

– Empire State building. At the top. At night.

– Canuckistan and I really do have an accent

– geeking out and talking code not on the slide. I think I scared some people.

– mah huzband is awesum.

– my 700+ new best friends are great too

YES: pics coming as soon as I get around to it. I have to walk all the way downstairs to get the cord…

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