Weekly notes

I need to make this a habit.

Ron is in San Francisco right now, for a week. He’s attending WordCamp SF and is sticking around for a developer’s code sprint for a release push. I watched the live stream of the keynote speech yesterday, and he was specifically mentioned (then applauded), so I burst with pride a little bit. Also, he got me a new tshirt.

I remembered to call Addison for an Isabella update. She’s around 7 pounds and looks more baby like and less skinny baby. She also has reflux, and in such a manner it reminded me of exactly how Addison was as a baby. When I caught him up on our travels (SF, Chicago in June, Montreal in July) he asked, “How come you guys were never this cool when I was a kid?”

Because we were too busy raising kids? 😀 Just a guess.

Had a homeschooling field trip where we had a Roman night. Kate & Bob did a great job as usual.

Last weekend we also went up to Rebecca’s place for dinner. Next time she really has to come here. 😛

We also planted bulbs & things we got each other for birthday presents, and moved some thing around the garden. My tulips are just blooming now.
Double-headed tulips

Meaghan asked me what I wanted for Mothers’ Day. I mostly drew a blank. “A bucket of pansies like usual?” She replied, “Well I guess my shopping’s done then..” Can you ever really have too many pansies? Really?

Super Grover has had a lot of adventures.
Oh my! Help! Somebodeee!

Emma drew a picture of the Mythbusters guys and I let their official twitter account know about it. Next thing I could see, it had almost FIVE THOUSAND views in about 3 days and hit Flickr Explore.
I also got Emma the Disney Alice in Wonderland movie. Now I have a request to make a blue dress just like hers.

I was going to intersperse this post with more pictures. they’re up on Flickr.

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  1. I feel sad for all you non-Fredericton Isabella grandparents, including Kaytlyn’s Dad…you guys are so missing out on all the day to day changes in little Isabella and the true “wonder” that she is. Patrick and I are sooo Blessed to be right here in the same city with them and be able to see The Amazing Isabella any time we want 🙂

  2. I wish you were in SF with Ron! !!!!! You’d be a 20-minute train ride away! !!!! Even just thought of it makes me abuse my !!!! This is me waving to Ron across the Bay *wave wave wave like a big dork wave wave* !!!!

  3. Chicago in June? Awww, we’re going the opposite direction in June 🙁

    Love Emma’s pic – my kids said they would have known who they were without it saying “Mythbusters”, very nice artwork!
    .-= Christine´s last blog ..detoxing =-.

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