To Aunt Boo’s house we go

We went visiting today, up the road to my Aunt Boo’s house. She’s my mom’s next youngest sister. She’s supposed to be in a wheelchair and now she has emphysema. She found this out when she quit smoking and then discovered she had breathing issues. Funny, that.

But, you’d never know it all to look at her, she’s just as stubborn as the rest of us.

(also she says if anyone asks, she’s doing great as long as she follows the doctor’s rules – no strong scents, people!)

I brought her a bunch of my quilt tops to show her, as I know she doesn’t get out to the stores much. She showed me some new books she got, beautiful ones on making polymer clay figures. She’d made some with some clay her husband Leroy picked up, but it was the wrong kind. She’s really good at it too, of course. I promised I would go through my stash and dig out the clay I had. “How much do you want for it?” she asked. PFFFT, I don’t want anything! I just want her to be happy. This is something I can do for her.

Leroy kept trying to ply us with food. “Want some pop? How about some chips?” Nope, we’re good, we have cookies and tea and juice and water and more cookies in front of us. He hauled off to the store and got more treats anyway. (and then they make us take them home)

Poor Emma though – Leroy was telling me about some rum, and he insisted Emma smell it too. I assured her that yes it was okay, because it’s important to recognize these things, in case someone tries to trick you into having some. Then it made sense to her, but she was still pretty wary.

Aunt Boo always measures Emma’s height on the doorframe where Boo’s grandchildren are also measured. Since the last visit, Emma has grown maybe two inches – and it was just this summer when we were there last.

We made sure to leave early enough before it got too dark and I wouldn’t be rushed to make supper when I got back. It still is a 30 minute drive. While I had supper started, I tossed aside the door coverings to my cold craft room where I store stuff I’m not using, and dug out the polymer clay box. A whole plastic shoebox container, stuffed full of goodies. I also remembered I had full unopened boxes up in my old office that I was going to list on Etsy. Those filled a kleenex box. That should keep Boo busy for a while.

Now I need to remember to call her and hope she can get it before another 5 or 6 months go by.

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