Birthday bonanzas

We had birthdays – me, Isabella and Ron. Actually, at this point Ron and I are thinking of rolling our celebrations all into one.

My family loves me, of course, and it’s not about the cool things they get me – a new blade for my rotary cutter from Emma who’s been helping me and paid attention to my mutterings, some extra trashy romance novels from Meaghan so we can talk about how terrible they are – it’s more about how they are paying attention to the little things. Meahgan also made me a cake, and I did not have to think about lunch or supper. Heaven.

oh my nom

Ron handed me a fist full of cash to spend at the quilt store, my father sent me a cheque, my aunt phone in a gift certificate, and my mom sent me a cheque as well.

The Christmas Crab Quiltery was also very happy it was my birthday. Because I DID spend it all in one place. 😀 Does my family know me or what?


And! the Cutest Granddaughter Ever turned one whole year old. We got to see her on the weekend after her birthday, tho I sent an ecard on the day and saw some videos of her. I’m getting her used to me by feeding her, which has worked so far for everyone else. I would hold a bite of cake out to her on my fork, and she would daintily pick it off the fork instead of putting it in her mouth.

Then she wiped her icing hands on my pants.

It was also heaven. I never wanted to wash my pants again. (tho I did. eventually.)

Ron had a quiet birthday, as our trip to town to see Izzy, and go to Sarah’s fashion show was part of his birthday. He got to skip the noise of the show and spend some time alone. Then he did get to see Sarah at the end.

Sarah, modeling

I also made him Good Food.

My BFF Rebecca also met me up at the Castle Inn in Plaster Rock, where we had tea & cheesecake in the solarium. It sounds way fancier than it is. We had a great time, cuz that is what we do.

me & reb at the Castle Inn

Mom and Carl and San also wound their way up to our house for part of Easter weekend, where I fed them of course. I think we are seeing a theme here of love = food. Also, we took mom to the quilt shop. Of course we did.

We also found a desk and chair for Meaghan’s new room , which is almost ready for her to move in to.

meaghan's new room

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