Working on the house

We hired our neighbour Vince to come do some work on our house. He actually works in construction, as well as farming. This is not as an unusual combo as you may think – it’s pretty common.

Anyway, this morning as I lay in bed trying to catch a few extra winks from being up half the night from sciatica, I heard him tell Ron this story.

“Some local boys at the high school, well they went and got a couple small pigs. Musta cost ’em sixty, seventy bucks a piece. So then they went and wrote a number one on the first one and a number three on the second one. Then they let ’em loose in the boy’s washroom, you know?

I guess they hunted all day for pig number two.”

Guffaws followed.

But the big gaping hole in my dining room ceiling (since we moved in) is being fixed. A post is run across the ceiling to level up the floor above and support it, plus the toilet drain on the side wall is getting covered up. New drywall on the ceiling in the office and the green bathroom so the plaster doesn’t look like it’ll fall on your head any minute now.

Pig story’s kind of a bonus, really.

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