Christmas was good

I think for the first time in a long time I had the Christmas tree down and out the door long before New Year’s. This rental is too small is why. Also: big kids.

Ron surprised me with a very nice present. It is a silver heart with birthstones of all the kids (including Kaytlyn) and the grandkids all down one side, on a silver chain.


Our poor kids. I burst into tears when I opened it.

I got him some really nice gloves tho.

After we opened up our presents as fast as possible, we headed over to Addison & Kaytlyn’s loaded down with all kinds of presents. We had just been there the night before for the traditional Chinese food which was also yummy.

Anyway, we loaded them up with presents. Lots of presents! And for the last, we got A & K to open their big gift from us: AN IPAD!




I felt like Oprah. I think they like it. 😉 I got an ipad for work and I love it. I should write more about that.

Then later that day we came back to Add’s place where he made a roast turkey dinner. Sarah made cherrie stuffed sausages wrapped in bacon. There wa salso a minor incident in the middle where Addison cut his finger on a glass in the sink and Ron ran him to the ER, but they were stuffed and the nurse wasn’t sure if he needed a stitch or not.

But other than that, it was quiet. 😉

We went to my mom’s on boxing day and had a nice time there too. I got her an AWESOME gift and she really liekd it. It’s a chafing dish / crock pot combo with THREE units. This way, when we come for a visit and food she can have it all ready and waiting. Aren’t I considerate?



We were also supposed to go to Saint John and visit more family, but the weather cancelled that on us. So we’ll have to reschedule.

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