New glasses

I had some wicked bad headaches and I could barely see out of my glasses so I finally went and got my eyes tested. Did that on my vacation too.

They said two weeks and in the few days after getting my eyes tested I realized that yes, the cause of 80% of my headaches was indeed my old glasses.

But the new ones are progressive lenses, oh boy.

They came in after a week. Actually, I got two pairs and I tried on a LOT of frames – even ones I normally would not have looked at. It was fun and I realized I could carry off more looks in frames that I thought.

I got two pairs in a second-pair-free deal and they were still ooohhh booyyyyy expensive. o_O After a week of wearing them though they are totally worth it. I am sticking to just one pair for now since the second pair has larger lenses.

I am still getting used to the blurry edges but it’s a lot better today. The tiniest smudge I have to clean off right away, and I’m adjusting my laptop frequently.

Otherwise, my eyes feel tired and I haven’t had as many headaches.

Plus I look super cute.


p.s. trying to blog more. Feel free to nag me incessantly.

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