Grandbaby #3

So this past week, we met our most recent granddaughter, Jade Juno.

This bring us up to THREE grandchildren, all girls, all from Addison & Kaytlyn.

And of course we are all smiles.

While Mommy & Daddy were at the hospital, Izzy and Ayla spent some quality time with Nanny and Grampy. Aunties Sarah and Meaghan did the night shifts.

My house looks like a train wreck or two toddlers went through it. Food smeared everywhere, toys strewn all over top and me & Ron collapsed in the middle. We had to take actual days off work because there was no way to actually work and look after the kids at the same time. I sort of managed a full day’s work over two days, but only when Izzy was snuggled next to me on the couch, ipad in hand, so she was “working” too. By the third day Ron could hardly leave the room without Ayla crying for him.

When things were back to normal and we were somewhat recovered, I looked across the now-clean living room and said in the deafening silence to Ron, “I miss those kids.”

Wouldn’t miss this stuff for the world.

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