Start of a new year

I’m annoyed at myself I stopped blogging. I can’t remember half what I did, and I can’t look up much on twitter, which is where I am most of the time.

Tuesday, New Year’s Eve, Sarah came over for lunch. She also had to pick up a parcel on the way, which was her new Nikon camera, which she unpacked here. Ron got her old Canon to give to me for Christmas. I’m pretty happy with it, though it it was better than the Fuji Finepix we got a few years ago.

I took her back to her place and dropped off the large watercolor pad and printer/copier/scanner we got her for Christmas. Then we went to Shoppers to check out the clearance Christmas candy. Traffic sucked.

Next stop was Value Village where I dropped off three more boxes of things I don’t need, and went in the front to see if I could buy slightly more useful stuff. I got 3 pieces of fabric – two pieces that are 2-3 yards of the same pastel paisley print in two colorways (warm and cool) and a cotton print of pansies on white with a dense border design. This i figure would make a nice 50’s style dress for Meaghan. I didn’t notice tillI got the fabric home but it was prewashed and the color had run in laces. To me it makes it looks more like watercolor.

Ron also had ben looking for a snowthrower with tracks instead of wheel, so it was also delivered on Tuesday, He played with it a lot and it is really nice. Even *I* can use it. 😉 He can’t shovel because of his recent gall bladder surgery.

Wednesday Meaghan came over to bake and I finally took the rest of the tree down. All the decorations were down, everything was off the tree, but it was still plugged in and lighting up on schedule with the plug timer we had. So I wrestled it into the box. The pre-lit tree was from Meaghan’s old roommate who left it behind when he moved out. It shed quite a bit.

Meaghan made a ton of her yummy cookies and stuff, plus I took measurements to make her that dress.

Thursday it was super cold but we still went out and did our mid afternoon Tim Horton’s run. We also went to visit the three grandbabies. Ayla was chattering a mile a minute and I swear Jade looked a month older. Izzy was pretty quiet, but she was happy to have me do playdoh with her.

A few times Ayla got upset so I held my arms out to her for cuddles and she’d run up to me and then swerve off to be comforted by her Grampy. She’s a stinker.

Today is Friday, still cold and snowing. It’s also my half day so I’m trying to get back in the swing of blogging on this blog and Quilti. I even drew up a planner in a notebook to help me out.

Let’s hope it sticks.

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