My weekend so far

It’s been super cold here and I finally remembered I owned long sleeved turtleneck sweaters. I wore them with my hoodie, and indoor sneakers (and pants) inside. Then I was warm enough.

Felt like a tool that I forgot, but they were in a different drawer, easy to miss. So there.

We went errand running yesterday, to Michael’s and Bed Bath and Beyond. I swear, BBB staff should know us by name, I love that place. Ron kept having issues with the truck on a couple of stops, so we wound up taking it to the mechanic’s and picking up my car to finish errands.

Michael’s had frames, 50% off so he stocked up. I bought a collage frame to put all my kids in, and some 12×12 plastic containers for my scrapbook papers. I got two, which I thought would be enough but clearly is not. I think I need to have Meaghan help me clear them out.

At BBB we got a new waffle iron because ours died before Christmas. I also found a plastic container that our breadmaker bread will fit in, and a french fry cutter. I tried the fry cutter today, it did a good job. Needs a bit more strength than I have sometimes, but it’s better than slicing taters by hand. Ron made eggnog waffles. Kinda meh, not a fan.

I tidied up my sewing room a bit and took stock of work in progress, which I noted on my quilt blog.

Today we’re going over to sit with the grandbabies while A&K run errands. I’m bringing over construction paper because they ran out, and a paper pad from one of the many hotels we’ve stayed at. I gave Izzy a teeny notepad from a hotel one other visit and she thought it was the most precious gift ever. Funny kid.

I also have to do a post on activities to do with grandkids ┬ábut one thing really needs a video, it’s adorable. When I sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ayla completely loses it. It’s like the #1 hit for the 18 month old crowd.

On Netflix this weekend we’ve watched Call the Midwife (Christmas special), Kingdom, and 2 episodes of Midsomer Murders. There’s so many seasons to that one I skipped ahead to when he got his new partner.

I’m just blogging to get back in the habit, don’t expect anything stellar. Tho I have been getting a lot of feedback (on twitter, G+ etc.) about my hair post. Huh. Didn’t figure that.

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