I blue my hair

It was time to re-do my hair! As I said previously, my hair is longer and shaggy, plus my roots have grown in.  I hate doing my roots so I want it to grow a bit longer before I shave it all off again. This way when I re-bleach what’s left most of the dyed hair will be gone. The blue blends with the roots better so they are not as noticeable.

Anyway, back to today. I took loads of pics (with my NEW CAMERA!!!) so this is pic heavy.

I chose a day I was scheduled to wash my hair. I wash it every other day or so and this was the day. The dye works best if it not used on super clean hair.



Nice roots, eh? The pink is faded a lot, especially on the crown now that I look. The bangs are also a bit faded.

These are all the supplies and tools. I used Manic Panic’s Voodoo Blue all over and did two foil highlights of Atomic Turquoise which I’ve used in my bangs before. The last time I did the blue bangs was the voodoo blue, so above  we can see what it will look like faded. The previous blue bangs were Atomic Turquoise. The two colors are similar.


I took one pic midway but it’s hard to do solo and when trying not to get dye all over my camera.




This is after all the dye is in and the foils are done. I start around the back then do the sides then the top from the crown moving forward. I let it sit for two hours under a shower cap and went about my business around the house.



And then I rinsed it out under lukewarm water using the detachable shower head in the tub. The dye washes your hair for you – there’s even suds going down the drain!


Fun times! I seriously need a hair cut but I’m waiting it out.

Also, I got my ear and missed a spot.

IMG_6199 IMG_6200


So other than some touchups around my ears and the bit up top, it’s pretty okay. It will likely fade a bit over the next couple days, but it covered up the pink. Hopefully the turquoise bits will fade differently and show up a bit more as highlights.

And the finished view: kinda darker than I’ve been for a while but I think I like it.


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