Candy for the brain

“Can you believe this got bad reviews?”

I asked Ron this question, with my eyes closed, and my face snuggled up to his bare chest. We were watching tv in bed and I had just felt him chuckle at the campiness of RuPaul.

And yes, me facing away from the tv with my eyes closed also counts as watching. I consume a lot of shows this way – eyes closed, or head turned away while I’m doing something else. The bar is low when all you need is some background noise droning on that you can pay attention to in bits and pieces.

We all know how the detective series or romantic Christmas movie is going to end and missing a few details in the middle is almost irrelevant by the time we get to the good parts where we have to pay attention.

My Netflix queue is probably quite predictable in places – current binges, a movie or three for the weekend to watch together, shows Ron doesn’t like (bloody and violent) that I watch when he’s busy, and a few standbys to fall asleep to. Ron isn’t a true crime fan, but even he agrees the narrator of Forensic Files has a soothing voice. This series is especially good for naps.

I like non-English films sometimes, if the story is good, and when you take a chance on them the stories often are quite good. Dubbed is better since reading the subtitles (always on anyway) take a lot of concentration when I’m sleepy, and I can’t sew or make dinner and read captions at the same time. Occasionally there’s a show or movie enthralling enough it sucks me in and I don’t care – like the Korean detective that time travelled through the tunnel.

I mean, I’m aware I have pedestrian tastes. Almost every English movie in the Action & Adventure section has been watched at least once, even when you take out the overlap with Sci Fi. Honestly, the only ones left for me to view is the entire Batman catalogue and Lord of the Rings (which to be fair, would be excellent falling asleep material even if it does take a week per movie).

Sometimes I’m watching a Nigerian movie and think the story is so good it could have come from Hollywood, then I just enjoy it anyway. Watching ScandiNoir detective short series makes me want to visit Iceland – a place that was not previously on my bucket list.

The only issue I’ve had with dubbed films so far is the lack of variety in the voice actors. I’m starting to recognize them by the sound of their voices.

And I’ve noticed Netflix taking chances on lower budget films and series – maybe movies that wouldn’t have aired elsewhere, or in limited runs. Some look like film student projects. There’s a range, of course, like anything, but there’s been a few gems.

We’ve cut the cable cord so long ago now it’s weird when a “regular” tv show winds up in our queue. The obvious commercial break and canned laughs are weird and out of place. And of course, when we don’t have to watch what’s next in the evening lineup because we’re too lazy to channel surf, the bad sinks down the list.

Sometimes I do miss a Prime Time Lineup and would love a way for Netflix to just have a “tv” option where it takes the next episode of a few series in my list and throws them at me, sequentially, for those times when I’m not binging.

Otherwise, give me my early evenings and the droning explanation of mitochondrial DNA or the dubbed Spanish dramas or even the “Bitch, PLEASE!” as Ru tries to find AJ’s PopPop as they tour drag shows around the US.

I’ll cuddle up tighter to Ron and breathe it all in as I drift off and enjoy it all the same.

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