Ideas and projects are everywhere

For a week I’ve had various blog post ideas ramble on through my head but no time or inclination to write. Today I sit down, with time, and just.. *poof*. Most of them left my head.

I had a bout of activity this week, getting to things and feeling like doing them. So I woke up this morning feeling like I did a workout because I was still at it 8pm last night, pressing and folding fat quarters for the shop and sewing more blocks for a scrappy quilt I’m working on.

Quilting has taken over my house. There’s the shop and my sewing room, of course, but we moved the sewing room to the smaller bedroom and the longarm is now in the living room. My desk has always been in the living room but now it has a sewing space next to it – because who wants to go upstairs for that?

Also it’s much easier to watch Netflix and monitor social media and talk to Ron on Slack while he’s working if the laptop is next to my sewing machine. (Yes laptops move too but the sewing room doesn’t have enough space.)

There’s also extra stock and large rolls of quilt batting in the niche in the kitchen. I had set up a kid’s area for the grandkids here but had to put half of the toys away (they didn’t use those ones) to make room for old bolts and extras.

Our living room is one big great room so the dining table is pushed off to the side – half covered in papers and stuff anyway, and the couches are corralled near the stove but still pushed back to allow enough floor space to lay out a quilt for photos, or to cut batting.

The longarm, of course, takes up center stage – being twelve feet long and five feet wide. Bags of customer quilts and under it and piled near it out of traffic areas. The piles only make sense to me. Underneath are longarm supplies, cut off pieces of batting, more store stock, my own quilt tops I need to quilt soon, and bags of some projects I’m working on.

We do have two small couches or loveseats to sit on, but right now you can only sit on one because the other has quilts piled on it and the fabric for a customer quilt piled on the seat, and some empty bolts I need to make sure are removed from inventory.

The other couch is behind a temporary work table because even though I use a large folding table for a desk and sewing area, there’s still no room to cut and I got tired of using the floor.

The trunk turned coffee table has extra projects I need to get to – curtains to hem, extra blocks and fabrics I need to prep for other things. They were sort of tossed there because I did, in fact, use this couch to lounge on this morning, under my fuzzy blanket, scrolling through social media and catching up on silly ipad games as I waited for my tea to steep.

I did leave a recliner empty for Ron. There’s a clear spot on a coffee table next to it, with space for his mug.

So yes, do come over. Just expect to leave with fabric fuzz or threads on you, and maybe we need to move something before you sit down or get fed.

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