Who knew washing your pillow was so difficult?

So we got a new mattress this week. This lead to a bunch of jokes all over twitter when I said we were off to test mattresses. (“Excuse me sir, ma’am.. we’re going to have to ask you to leave.”) AND! Best part? The sales guy knew what WordPress was. This after explaining on please […]

And then there’s the other side of the family

Over the weekend, the slog through the mountain of work was interrupted by a quick visit from my mom’s parents and my uncle, their chauffer for the day. It was quick, maybe 30 minutes tops. They had to get on the road, see. Long drive. I met them at the back door, out the carport, […]

Chocolate and the War of the Roses

Before I get too far into the story below, I should tell you that my father’s side of the family is British. As in, they emmigrated from England to Canada in 1956 and they all have accents (mostly). And ones I can’t really hear most of the time. I can slip into one at will, […]

I don’t think I can keep a straight face here

Hana Montana boot recal Seriously. Seriously?!?! OH NOES! Some girls tripped while wearing these boots! QUICK! Get them off the shelves!!! AAAHHHHHH! “If your child has a pair of these boots, you should ignore her pleas to keep them and take them way immediately.” I’m dyin’ here… Please, people; USE YOUR BRAINS.