feed issues

If you have no idea what an RSS feed is, you can skip this post. If you are subbed to my blog at atypicalife.net/blog/ then you may have been experiencing excruciatingly slow updates to the feed. That’s cuz I , uh, sorta moved the blog, internally… even though it technically exists at the same address. […]

Things I learned in Open Source

There’s a few things I’ve learned over the past couple of years or so because of my direct work with volunteering to contribute to WordPress, and more specifically, WordPressMU. For those of you who stumbled in here, hi. 🙂 This is my personal not-work, not-WordPress blog. For my regular readers and family members whose eyes […]

Tech talk

I’m about to start my work day again, in between laundry loads, checking the stove and feeding people. Looking up at my list on the whiteboard, I realized I juggle about 6 clients at once. A couple are long-term and the rest float in and out as things come up. I’m finally making some huge […]